Thursday, January 6, 2011

My RED Entry Table

I never had a chance to show you this project. But it is among my all-time favorite things I've done!!

My husband and I are on a mission to fill our house with craigslisted furniture. Ok. Not really. But it feels that way sometimes! Let me be clear, there are some things I would NEVER EVER buy off of Craigslist: a mattress for example...yuck! But if I can Clorox and sanitize it, and if it is a hard surface, then it is probably ok.

So I have been Craigslist-ing a LOT recently. Why? We moved about 5-6 months ago. We moved from Cali and had about 1500 square feet in the town home that we rented. Moving to a much cheaper place, we were able to increase our home size. We were able to buy our first home and have about 2700 square feet. Holy Cow! 1500 to 2700 means I am in need of a LOT of furniture. But my budget isn't very big. So we are on a mission to find great stuff, at a great price.

And let me tell you, we have found some STEALS! I recently bought a mirror to go above my entry table, that probably originally retailed for $600, for $25! $25 and I didn't even haggle! It is a HUGE amazing mirror too!

And then this past weekend I bought a Bassett furniture armoire for my tv 57"wide x76" tall, solid wood beauty that retails for about $2800 plus tax, for $200! Yup. Sale tax on the original purchase was more then I paid for this AMAZING beauty! I love it so much, I just sat and stared at it for like an hour the other day. Seriously.

Finding steals like that gives me a "high." Oh come on. Don't judge. You know what I mean! It is a great feeling to get a great deal on an amazing piece of furniture! Even my husband is hooked! He was feeling pretty amazing after the armoire purchase too! He even asked me what else we could buy off of craigslist. Hm. Sounds like a challenge to me to find my next steal!

So back to my Entry Table...

When I told my husband I was buying an entry table and going to refinish it, let me first say, he was completely supportive and on board with it.  But he wanted to know what color I was going to paint it.

I told him I would wait and see.  When I saw the table in person, I would know what color the table was "meant" to be. 

Does that sound crazy?  He thought so. 

So I put it in boy terms for my hubby to understand.  I explained to him how some cars look great in white, but others only look good in gray.  Some cars just look great in one color, but not so hot in another.  He understood this concept.  So I went on to explain that furniture is the same way.  Some pieces are just meant to be a certain color because they will look best in it.  He thought I was slightly less crazy after this explaination.

So, I started out with this table that I purchased off of Craigslist:

When I got it home I knew it was meant to be red!!

And after the purchase of an electric sander :), 3 cans of spray paint, some more sanding, a coat of dark stain, and a nice layer of polyurethane...I ended up with an absolutely beautiful red entry table!

I LOVE it!  I love my little red table!

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  1. I love your little red table too; it looks gorgeous! Craigslist, here I come!

  2. Very different yet interesting and beautiful... looks good, your red colour is close to brick colours and it gives it a very beautiful touch...lovely
    Happy New Year

  3. Great color choice. Craigslist is wonderful place for bargains.

  4. I love the red color...every entry needs a nice pop of color and that table is perfect. Thanks for the lesson in man speak, I might need to use that one day on my hubby!

  5. I love the red color...every entry needs a nice pop of color and that table is perfect. Thanks for the lesson in man speak, I might need to use that one day on my hubby!

  6. What a great thrifty find and I just love the red! Really well done!

  7. I love it! Great color choice :) I love red. It is wonderful!

  8. What a great redo! I'm sure I've got something around the house that could use some new paint! This looks great. I'd love to have you submit it to the M&T Spotlight:

  9. It is meant to be red! Beautifully done!

  10. such a beautiful table!! i love the red!!

  11. I like how the stain made the finished product look. I haven't fiddled with that much, but I think I will try on my next big project, an armoire to hide our tv. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. That's super cute! I love craigslist too, and I especially love the free section!

  13. Love it! You did an amazing job!

  14. Thanks for linking this up! You already know I love it :) I am going to feature this on Thursday!!!

  15. This is wonderful! I am in love with red! And the glaze is perfect so the red isn't too intense. Well done!

  16. Beautiful table. I found it when I searched for "red table" in Google images. :-) It's really inspiring.


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