Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Service Opportunity - Super Scarves Project


A friend just told me about this Super Scarves Project.  Now I don't knit or crochet, but I am sure some of you do!  If you do, listen up: here is a chance to help out workers for the Super Bowl next year!

Basically, the project is to have people from all over the country knit or crochet a blue and white scarf that will be given to the Super Bowl volunteers to wear as part of their uniform.

What a great idea!!  My friend has a goal to make at least 25 scarves to donate.  I am sooooo impressed!!!

They need 8,000 scarves total and only have 2,500 so far with one year to go.  Ack! 

So if you knit or crochet and are able to help with this project, all of the information can be found here


Also, I was told by a follower that the Special Olympics is asking for scarves as well.  Their deadlines are sooner then the Super Bowl one, but it is still a great project to participate in if you are able to.  Get all the details here

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  1. Love the idea. I sure wish I could knit.

  2. There is also a Special Olympics Scarf Project, most scarves are due soon but keep it in mind for next year. They give a hand knit scarf to each participant.

  3. Thanks for the update Ashley. I'm going to crochet 10 to donate by the end of the month. My Uncle competed in the 70's so this will be in memory of him...he passed away this year.

  4. Thanks for spreading the word Ashley! I'm the marketing and communications coordinator for the Super Bowl Host Committee and we certainly appreciate any encouragement you can supply! And remember, any new knitters can do it too. I have learned to knit just for this occasion and it's rewarding to take on a different task! Thanks again all!


Thanks for the comment love! It means so much to me!