Thursday, May 19, 2011

be a Wise Optimist

I have a few vinyl projects in the works these days and am enjoying it so much!

I was struggling trying to find a vision for a particular wall in my house.  Art doesn't work on it because it was too small and in too narrow of a hallway.  But when I decided on a quote I knew I wanted it in brown vinyl on this wall!

I knew exactly how I wanted it to look in my mind, but had to call in reinforcements to help me.  Thanks to my good friend helping me tweak my original lettering, I ended up with a wall I love!

I love this on my wall!

What saying would you put up on your wall?

PS - I made this using vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.  Have you ever shopped for vinyl there?  It is great quality, they have an excellent selection and the price in unbeatable!

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  1. Today is better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow...


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