Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pilgrim Bonnets and Hats

What is Thanksgiving with a few little Pilgrims running around?  So I wanted to show you a super easy super cute way to make Pilgrim Hats and Pilgrim Bonnets out of paper!

If you trace out your patterns ahead of time, your kids can even help cut and assemble their hats!

This how-to originated from good 'ole Martha, but I wanted to make it really easy for you guys so here goes.

First the Pilgrim Bonnet:

I had 12"x18" paper so I have dimensioned accordingly.

Solid lines are cutting lines and dashed lines are for folding.

Cut first, fold second.

After you have cut and folded, hole punch two holes 1/2" in and up from the fold.

Bend the two back sides inwards and tape together.

Fold the back flap down.  You can tape this down if it doesn't stay down.

Add yarn or ribbon to secure underneath the chin.

Next is the Pilgrim Hat:

Again, I had 12"x18" paper.

Each solid line are cut lines and dashed lines are folding lines.

Cut first, fold second.

Using gold or yellow paper, cut the buckle out.

After all your pieces are cut, tape the two long skinny pieces together to create a band and fold the hat on the dashed line. 

Tape or glue the buckle on the hat above the rim.  Attach the band under the rim and tape together.  Tape the ends of the band together so that it fits snugly on your pilgrim's head.

And let your little Pilgrims enjoy a wonderful Turkey dinner in their cute Pilgrim bonnets and hats!

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