Sunday, January 29, 2012

Healthy Ice Cream with Yonanas

My kids LOVE ice cream.  I like it too.  But I honestly try to feed my kids pretty healthy most of the time and ice cream, sadly, doesn't fall under the "healthy" category. :(

I knew you could make "ice cream" out of frozen  bananas.  And I tried it once, in my blender.  And it worked ok, but I had to add a touch of milk to the blender in order for it to work.  Which made my "ice cream" similar to a thick milkshake consistency.  Which was ok, and the kids liked it, but it certainly wasn't ice cream.  

So when I heard about Yonanas, I was so excited to find out more!

Yonanas has been specifically engineered to chop frozen fruits into an amazingly smooth texture without adding any liquids.  The blades are strong enough and chop the fruit fine enough to take a frozen banana and give it the texture and consistency of frozen yogurt!

When I was given the chance to test one out, I was thrilled!

So I decided to start with a basic banana ice cream.  But then decided I wanted to add chocolate, and the kids wanted it ended up being more of a Rocky Road (without the nuts) type of treat.

First you need to freeze peeled bananas in the freezer for at least 24 hours.  The browner the banana the sweeter the ice cream!  Finally, another great use for bananas that are too ripe to eat!

You don't need to use bananas in order to use the Yonanas, you can combine bananas with other fruit, like strawberries, to get a strawberry flavored ice cream, or use pineapple and mango (without bananas) to create a tropical sorbet treat.  The options are seriously endless!

After the bananas (or other fruit) are frozen, you will take them out of the freezer and let them defrost for a few minutes.

Then I started by putting one bananas in the top of the Yonanas machine, I put the plunger in, turned the machine on, pushed the plunger down and out came our yummy treat!  I used one banana, some chocolate and then a second banana.  (Note, use good quality chocolate...I had cheap chocolate on hand and while it was fine, good quality chocolate would have been much better!)

You can add any toppings you kids wanted marshmallows.

And enjoy!

I love that Yonanas allows you to make a super healthy cold treat and you can control what is in it!  My kids both love this with just bananas!  And since it doesn't matter to me if my kids eat bananas in their original form or in a frozen form like this, I am totally happy to give this to my kids without a second thought!  (adding chocolate and marshmallows are definitely a treat around our house!)

Also, this machine is super easy to clean!  I will fully admit that I won't re-use a product very often if it is too difficult to clean.  Yup, I'm that lazy.  So I was a little worried about how well and easy this would be to clean and was so happy to find out that you just untwist a few pieces apart and you end up with 5 pieces that rinse off and clean up so easily!!  I was shocked at how simple this was to clean!!

I love that this creates a healthy treat, is very easy to use and it extraordinarily easy to clean!  The Yonanas is an instant hit at our house!

To find out more about Yonanas, visit their website here.  

Also, you can view this video:

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  1. I have never heard of this machine, Ashley. It is a wonderful idea though. I often freeze bananas and let the grandkids eat them frozen. They are wonderful...and sometimes we dip them into that Magic Shell chocolate (which is NOT the most healthy thing, I know). The kids love it. Thanks for the info on this~ Your little girl is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! xo Diana


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