Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 ReCap

2012 was a busy year around Simply Designing!  I wanted to start of 2013 by doing a quick Recap of my blog.  This is not a "best of" post (that will come tomorrow :) but more of a Holiday Newsletter for the year for my blog!  A few things I've learned, a few great things that have happened, a few sad things.  So here it is, my 2012 Year-End ReCap!

  1. I hit 1 million page views this year!  
  2. And then 2 million page views!!
  3. I've continued to LOVE being a regular on Indy's Fox59! (see my videos here)
  4. I even got my own "page" on the Fox59 website!  (check it out here)
  5. I've done a few articles for SheKnows and have really enjoyed working with them!
  6. I continue to blog monthly at Design Dazzle.
  7. I discovered that it is possible to make a little money from blogging.  What!?!?  
  8. Most bloggers, sponsors and affiliates are amazing, wonderful people.
  9. But there are a few dishonest ones out there too :(
  10. And a few that are just plain mean :( :(  (I was in tears for days over this one)
  11. But there are a bunch of bloggers and readers that I absolutely love and consider dear friends and I never would have met them any other way! 
  12. And the number of awesome bloggers and amazing companies FAR outweigh the not-so-nice ones. :)
  13. I joined Google+ and even hosted a couple of live hangouts on air!  (follow me on G+ here)
  14. I discovered that I own 4 glue guns.  But I am still eyeing a pretty damask one from Michaels...obsession maybe!?
  15. Facebook continues to frustrate me since due to their policies, only about 10% of my followers see my posts :(  (but I'd still love you to follow me here!)
  16. Pinterest has increased my page-views dramatically, especially of particular posts that I never would have dreamed to go viral!  (follow me on Pinterest here)
And most of all, I truly cherish each and every bloggy friend and reader I have because I know how precious your time is and I am honored that you choose to spend it with me!  Thank you so much for a wonderful 2012!  I am so excited for another fabulous year here at Simply Designing!

And I would just love for you to follow me on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, Pintrest and via email. 

Happy New Year!

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  1. Impressive list, Ashley. Love your blog and I love following you! Best wishes for a year full of blessings and inspiration (and good people).


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