Monday, January 14, 2013

My Fashion Goals for 2013

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I realize that I haven't talked about any of my blogging or other goals for 2013 yet, but over the last 6 months, fashion has been on my mind  a lot more.  I used to be in style.  A long time ago.  Before the constant body changes that go along with having kids and when I was...dare I say it...younger.  And, I don't care about having the latest, must-have trend, but I am trying to figure out what MY style is and what clothes I would love to add to my wardrobe should the occassion arrise.

So I've set a few goals for myself, fashion-wise for 2013.  Now so I sound materialistic, please note that the last place I went shopping was Target, Forever 21 was before that.  I don't often spend a lot of money on clothing, definitly not much on "trendy" items.  And I maybe go shopping two times a year for myself, with a very limited budget.  Seriously.  So I plan to accomplish my goals this year, on a BUDGET!

So here are a few simple goals I've set for myself Fashion-wise for this year.

  1. Find a pair of dark brown leather knee-high boots I LOVE.  (After a year and a half of searching I am excited to say I finally found these last week!)
  2. Add more color to my wardrobe.  (When I buy items I love, I tend to buy neutral, so I own a lot of brown and grey.  I want to expand and add more color!)
  3. Don't be afraid to mix colors in new and interesting ways.  (Yup, I'm not always great at having the vision for this so I am practicing this skill with clothes I already own!)
  4. Buy a skinny belt, and wear it on top of a shirt.  (Mission accomlished!  And can I just tell you how proud of myself I am for doing this!?)
  5. Buy a pair of leggings and successfully wear them while looking stylish and age appropriate.

#1 and #4 are already completed!  #3 is a constant work in progress for me.  I am always trying to expand my combinations of clothes I already own to make my clothing go further but I am happy to say I am getting better at it.  #2 will take some time but the last cardi I purchased (from Target) was a raspberry pink, so that counts for color imo!

#5.  #5 I have been stewing on for several years.  Leggings.  I love them in theory.  I love them on other people.  But I am a little nervous to wear leggings myself.  I BARELY got on the skinny jean bandwagon, like a year ago.  So.  I realize I take some time to warm up to fashion trends like this, but it is time.

It is time to take the plunge, buy leggings, and figure out how to successfully wear them, as a woman.  So for fun, I played around with a few style boards at Polyvore and came up with this cute outfit that would incorporate leggings in a cute and stylish way, and add a little color to my outfit too!

What I didn't realize though was that No nonsense, along with selling cute colorful tights, also sells leggings!!  Seriously.  No nonsense sells fun, basic leggings at affordable prices at many locations (food stores, drug stores and mass retailers.)  And No nonsense brand means that there are affordable leggings which is an important part of my accomplishing my goal for the year!!

No nonsense has teamed up with Jill Martin (a style expert) to provide fashion tips, style boards and many ideas to women of how to be fashionable with tights and leggings.  So not only will No nonsense be easy accessible and affordable, but Jill Martin will ensure that we know how to wear these fashionable items!  You can see more about how Jill Martin is getting involved with No nonsense in this video:

So wish me luck on accomplishing the rest of my 2013 Fashion Goals!!  I am kind of excited to go shopping for my first pair of leggings!


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