DIY Maritime Flag Bunting {Color My Home Summer Blog Series}

Welcome to Day 9 of my Summer Blog Series:  Color my Home!  I have an amazing line up of fabulous bloggers who will be sharing how they incorporate Color into their Home this Summer!  I am so excited to have Jessica from Dear Emmeline on my blog today, showing us how to make this really cute maritime bunting!  It’s a perfect summer nautical themed decoration, I just love it!

Hi all!  I’m so excited to be a part of the Color My Home blog series here at Simply Designing.  
If we’ve never met, I’m Jessica of Dear Emmeline.
Today I’ll be sharing an easy way to add a pop of summer color to your home.
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
While looking up images for a lifebuoy project I’ve been working on I discovered that there are actually maritime flags for each letter of the alphabet.  Armed with the flag designs and a few other supplies I decided to make a customized banner for my family.

Here’s what you’ll need:
acrylic paint in flag colors
small pointed tip paintbrush
protected work surface
fabric or paper
fray stop medium (if using fabric)
double fold bias tape
sewing machine, glue gun, or liquid stitch medium
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
1. Some of the flags are shaped differently.  Determine your letter arrangement and cut the flags approximately the same size in the shapes you need.  Mine are approximately 3″ x 3.5″.
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
2. If your fabric will fray use a fray stop medium on the edges.  Allow to dry.
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
3. Paint each flag with the desired pattern.  I painted with one color at a time.  For example 3 of my flags had blue so I painted all of the blue sections, cleaned my brush and them moved on to the next color.  Allow the paint to dry before painting another color directly against it.  You wouldn’t want either of the colors to bleed together!
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
4. Once all of the flags are painted and dry you can attach them together.  I purchased double fold bias tape in the color of my fabric but you could easily use twine or ribbon instead.  For the bias tape; open the tape, place the top of each flag into the crease, and pin closed. Remember to leave tails at each end so you have a way to hang your bunting.
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag

5. Stitch down the length of the flags to secure them in the bias tape.  If you don’t want to sew a glue gun or liquid stitch medium would also do the trick!

DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag

Now your personalized bunting is ready to hang and whether you are near or far from the sea hopefully this colorful little project will help you feel like you’re right there!

DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
DIY Maritime Flag Bunting - #crafts #diy #nautical #bunting #maritime #flag
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