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I am so excited to share an amazing guest post and tutorial from Uncommon today!  
We are blog swapping today so be sure to check out the fabulous tutorial below from Bonnie and Trish at Uncommon!  And then take a moment to hop on over to Uncommon to check out their amazing blog and to see my guest post over there today!  Enjoy!

Happy Monday to all of you fabulous Simply Designing readers!

We are Bonnie and Trish from the  craft blog, Uncommon and we are just so thrilled to be here today! We just love this part of the year and are so excited to start decorating for Fall.  Today we have  a fun tutorial for you that is something you can make now that can be for Fall, Halloween, and carry you through Thanksgiving.  It also incorporates our favorite addiction… fabric!

Fabric Leaves Tutorial


fabric scraps in various patterns
Heat ‘n Bond 
assorted Fall leaves
bendable plastic floral stems
black felt

Step One. Iron your fabric to the Heat ‘n Bond according to the package directions.  Once it has cooled… trace your leaf onto the back. 

Step Two.  Cut out along the traced lines and remove the paper backing. 

Step Three.  Lay your patterned leaf on top of the black felt and insert your stem.  I pushed mine a little more than half way up the leaf.  Now you will iron it all together!  Make sure to flip it over and iron on the felt side as well to make it extra secure.  

Step Four.  Cut out along the outer edge and that is it!  Beautiful fabric leaves!  Super simple! 

These were so easy and so much fun to make!  I coiled mine around the stem of this beautiful raffia pumpkin, but you could easily add them to a garland,  holiday table, pumpkin, picture frame… the possibilities are endless!  

Bonnie and Trish
Thank you Ashley for having us come over and share this fun project!  We would love for you guys to stop by and see us at Uncommon!  You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, and Google+ !  

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