Fun Activities for Kids at a Party

Summer time is fast approaching and that means parties, weddings and backyard BBQ’s will be keeping our weekends busy!

If you happen to be planning a party, don’t forget to include fun ways for the children to be involved!  Especially parties that are geared towards adults (aka wedding receptions), it is important to plan ways for the children to enjoy themselves as well!

Consider setting aside a special table, play area or even special events just for the children so that both adults and children can enjoy their evening!

Here are a couple of fun ideas I came up with!

Arts & Crafts Table

Give those little fingers something busy to do!  Last year my daughter spend several hours at an art and craft table at a wedding reception and was just as happy as could be!  
You can find a wide variety of art supplies inexpensively and this is something that many children will enjoy doing for a long time.  Just be sure to only include washable art supplies and keep the supplies all age appropriate!
Personalized Gift Bucket

Who doesn’t LOVE getting a gift basket just for them!?  A pre-made gift basket, bucket or bag for a child is sure to peak their curiosity and have them exploring the contents of their bucket immediately!  
Include a variety of items in a child’s gift basket; anything from crayons and art supplies, to small toys and even a few little treats!

Are you planning a big party this year?  If so, how to you plan to help the kids enjoy it too?

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  1. says

    Great ideas! For my wedding I put some fun wedding search words on the table with fun colored pencils. The kids loved finding their names in the puzzles. It kept them busy and the older kids got to help the little ones.

  2. says

    Love the bucket idea! So cute. I had lots of kids at my wedding and left them all an age-appropriate pre-packaged activity/colouring pack, and some card games in the middle of the "kids"table. They were all so well behaved! it was well worth it. Your idea looks much prettier :)

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