Interior Design Services

I graduated with a BA in Interior Design in 2005 from an NCIDQ university and am now an NCIDQ certified Interior Designer.  I am pleased to offer both in-home and online interior design services for residential and commercial spaces.

*Please note that I am not currently taking clients.*

In-Home/Office Services:

For those who live in the greater Indianapolis area and are interested in an in-home or an in-office consultation, I am happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.  During our initial one hour consultation, we will discuss what your needs are and come up with a plan for further services.  During this time, we can also address some specific concerns you have such as paint selection or art placement etc.  A two hour initial consultation is also available for those with more extensive design needs.  I also offer personal shopping services.

In addition, I offer Auto-CAD drafting services for those who need construction plans, floor plans, custom furniture design or other plans drafted. 

Please contact me at: to schedule an appointment and for further information.

Online Services:

If you don’t live locally, I can still help you with your design needs!  I offer three levels of service:

Basic Consulting Option:

  • The basic option is for those who have a room that just needs a little bit of help to “pull it together.”  This is suitable for someone who has basic furniture and decor and just needs help with placement, suggestions for additions to the room, color pallet and/or paint suggestions and help selecting a few accent pieces.  With this option you can expect to receive written advice, a small digital design board which would include items such as paint and color palette selection and a few decor and accent suggestions.  With this package, I will help you fill in any gaps and pull your room together to create a wonderful space for you and your family to enjoy! 

 Advanced Consulting Option:

  • The advanced option is the perfect option for those who are looking to purchase furniture items, home decor items, repaint, possibly re-do surface, and who are looking to redesign or redecorate an entire room.  With this option you can expect to receive written advice and a larger digital design board which would include suggestions for furniture, fixtures, materials, paint, linens, art, accent items, paint and color palette selections as needed.  This digital board will show a lot of ideas and create a feel for what your room can become. 

Advanced Plus Option:

  • The advanced plus option is a great option for those wanting a bit more help then the advanced option.  With this option you will get everything included in the advanced option with the addition of having any new fixtures, furniture and materials selected fit within your budget.  This will include a list of where all items can be purchased from as well as a digital board.  (Please note that your budget will determine the quality and quantity of items I am able to select to suggest for your room.) 

If you are interested in my services, or have questions, please email me at  I will ask a few questions and request that you send me a few photos of your room.  I will also request payment via paypal prior to commencing work. 

Please note that often designing a space can take quite a bit of time.  We will be in communication frequently though.  Some projects take longer then others and it often depends on communication, edits, changes from the clients end and exact project scope.

I look forward to being able to work with you and help you design your perfect room! 

Please note that all paint selections in all online packages are only suggestions.  As paint looks different from one room to another, I always suggest purchasing a sample of paint and painting a section of a wall before committing to the color for the room. 

Client A: Kitchen Update
 Client B:  Family Room Make-Over