Staircase Make-Over {Part 5}: this was our final attempt…no matter what!

We honestly worried at this point if we would EVER get our stairs right!  We were tempted to try to dig the carpet and pad out of the garbage and re-attach it.

No…wait…we had been working on this project for weeks, the garbage was gone…shoot.  Well, we could pay someone to come and install new carpet right!?

We were sad, depressed, frustrated…this quick weekend-project (I swore to my husband it would only take us a couple of days to do it!!) had turned into a very long nightmare.

A nightmare covered and coated in a thick layer of sawdust.  It was awful.  

We willed all our energy, might, mind and will and decided to give these stairs One. More. Final. Attempt.

We took our belt sander and fine grit sand paper and sanded our stairs until the (second attempt at) stain was completely removed.  We were careful to only sand with the grain no matter what!

We swept and wiped down every single stair and riser (with a tackcloth) and prepared to stain our stairs….for the 3rd time!

The stairs stayed sanded yet bare for a few days until we had time to stain them.  And then as soon as we could we got to work.

We tentatively dipped our rags into the well-mixed stain and we carefully worked the stain into the wood as much as possible using as little stain as possible.

Things were going really really REALLY well!

The stairs were the right color!  The stain was applying nice and evenly!  There were no weird ugly swirls!

Things were looking up!

But even then, we ran into two unfortunate minor bumps in the road…

Yup.  That’s a foot print.

(BTW I have NO CLUE whose cute little foot print that is!!  Hahahaha)

The footprint was a result of the stairs being walked on after sanding, prior to staining.  Oils from our feet must have gotten on the wood and so the stain soaked in differently in these spots.  Thankfully this only happened on 2 stairs and it was nothing a quick sanding and re-staining job couldn’t fix!!

But yes, if you are counting, for some of our stairs…this was our 4th staining of them.  Sigh.

But honestly, from here on out our staircase remodel project was a breeze…


{to be continued}

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