Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Moss Wreath

In spite of the ridiculously short winter and unseasonably warm weather we have been having, I am anxious for spring to come!

So I brought out my glue gun, some sheet moss and a dusty wreath form I had hiding in my closet and got to work creating a cute Spring Wreath for my front door.

To create this project you will need:

  • 18" straw wreath form, leave the plastic wrap on
  • Sheet moss, 3-4 bags should be enough, but I bought a big 'ole roll for less with my 40% off coupon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun (and lots and lots of glue)
  • Sticks (yes you can go out and gather them, but I've had a sick kiddo so I just bought sticks), optional
  • Fabric, optional
  • Or other decor like a monogram, ribbon or whatever suits your fancy

It's pretty simple, you'll just cut your sheet moss into strips and hot glue the sheet moss to the wreath.

You can do this two ways, either wrap the strips around the wreath like this:

Or glue it on like this:

Either way works.  The first way takes a little more moss because you are forced to cover all sides of the wreath whereas with the second method you don't have to cover the back.  However, you see less "seam" lines with the first method.  The first method definitely takes longer though.  So.  Ya know.  Take your pick but either way works!

Use your hot glue to attach your sticks or any other embellishments that you like.

And if you'd like, make a few flower rosettes to add to your wreath.

To make flower rosettes you will want to cut a few strips of fabric (cotton or duck cloth works well) about an inch wide.  Tie a knot in one end.

Glue the knot onto another piece of fabric or felt.  Then twist the fabric strip and wrap around the knot.  Glue the fabric down occasionally so that it will hold.

Keep wrapping until your rosette is as large as you want.  Then use hot glue to tack the fabric end underneath the rosette.

Attach to your wreath and enjoy!

My wreath was inspired by this.

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  1. where is the cheapest place to get the moss? does it hold it's green color for a long time?

  2. This looks great and super easy! I recently bought a big roll of moss for some projects.

  3. This is beautiful!! i am so ready for SPRINg and your color choices are incredible! :)

    Bonnie @ Uncommon

  4. oh that reminds me I have one similar I made in storage I had totally forgotten about! Yours turned out great

  5. Hi Ann!

    The cheapest place I have seen sheet moss is at Michael's. And then use a 40% off coupon :)

    I will let you know how the sheet moss holds up.


  6. Love the bright, "Spring Welcoming" green of this wreath! Thanks for sharing!

    John @ The Frugal Tree

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