Lollipop Pumpkin

I am not sure if I can claim this as an actual pumpkin “carving” idea.  But.  It does involve putting holes in the pumpkin…so…I think it works!  Regardless, it is cute and unique.

The best part about this pumpkin is that is doubles as a treat bowl for Halloween trick-or-treaters!

Oh…and of course it is ridiculously simple and oh so cute!

Pumpkin #3:  The Lollipop Pumpkin

To create this Lollipop Pumpkin, first you will drill holes, about 1/2″ deep, into the pumpkin.

If you don’t have a drill, you can skip this step and push the lollipops directly into the pumpkin, but this can get a bit difficult.

(Please note that this is my husbands hand you see in this photo…my arms are not that hairy!)

Push your lollipops of choice into the pumpkin.

Enjoy your cute, lollipop pumpkin!

My pumpkin was a medium sized pumpkin and I used approximately 140 lollipops.  I can not believe how many lollipops it took!  However, since I used Dum Dums, my cost for all my lollipops was only $4.

I bet trick-or-treaters will be absolutely delighted to find out they get to pick their treat out of the pumpkin!

So I want to know, what kind of treats do you hand out on Halloween?

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