“Punch” Your Way through a READING Chart {PRINTABLE}

My daughter is in kindergarten and is learning how to read.  It is so exciting!  During the summer, I did really well taking time to help her read almost every day, but this has become hard since she is now gone from 8:30am – 3:45pm 5 days a week at school.  :(  So I wanted a positive way to encourage her to read on her own and so I knew I wanted to create a READING PUNCH CARD for my daughter!

Because my daughter is at a beginning level, she will get to punch a box for every new book she reads be herself, out loud to me.  If you have a more advanced reader though, each punch could equal 15 minutes of reading time or whatever you prefer!

These cards print 8 to a page and are business card size.  I suggest printing them on card stock so they hold up a bit better!

And of course, I am offering you a FREE PRINTABLE of my Reading Chart!


*This idea is brought to you by my Monday morning’s shower inspiration :)  
Shower time is inspiration time around here.  hahaha
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