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I am currently in the middle of a good book and I have been using the dust cover flap as a book mark.  But I am about half way through the book and I realized that this is becoming less and less effective.  I knew I needed a book mark, but I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for one!  I also wanted it to be cute.  These two things are surprisingly hard to find in a bookmark: cheap and cute!  So I decided to make my own!
And with just a few supplies (most of which I already had on hand) I created a bunch of really cute Stamped Washi Tape Bookmarks!
Stamped Washi Tape Bookmarks | cheap diy bookmarks | #washitape #washi #crafts #duckcrafttape
I am slowly growing a stash of washi tape that I love!  And the more I use it, the more I love it!  I was pretty excited to find out that Duck Brand® now makes washi tape!!  (There are more new cute Duck Brand Craft Tapes such as glitter tapes, fabric tapes and prism tapes!  But that’s a whole different blog post :)
supplied to make a bookmark
To create your own Stamped Washi Tape Bookmarks, you will need:
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Black Stamp Pad
  • Craft Paper Tags, or create your own
  • Duck Brand® Washi Tape
  • Baker’s Twine
Stamped Washi Tape Bookmarks | cheap diy bookmarks | #washitape #washi #crafts #duckcrafttape
To create your book marks, you will simply use your stamps to stamp a word, phrase or saying on the paper tags.  I made a few that said “read,” “relax,” and “dream.”  But yours can say whatever you prefer!
Stamped Washi Tape Bookmarks | cheap diy bookmarks | #washitape #washi #crafts #duckcrafttape
Then I decorated the bookmarks using this cute Duck Brand® black and white polka dotted washi tape!  And I added a splash of red and white baker’s twine through the hole at the top!
And in literally less then 5 minutes, I have a whole stash of cute bookmarks to use!  
DIY Bookmarks | cheap diy bookmarks | #washitape #washi #crafts #duckcrafttape
Can anyone guess what book I’m reading!?
How to make a Stamped Washi Tape Bookmarks | cheap diy bookmarks | #washitape #washi #crafts #duckcrafttape
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