DIY Distressed Pallet Board

I recently told you about my huge wall in my family room!  It has been one of the hardest spots to figure out how to decorate.  Thankfully I finally figured out what I wanted to do on the wall and I have been hard at work completing this space!  I have you a sneak peak here, and today I am going to share with you how to make a DIY Pallet Board!

DIY Distressed Pallet Board | how to make your own distressed pallet board with a Kreg Jig | #diy #palletboard

In the center of my wall, I wanted to build a distressed pallet board.  I plan to use it as a backdrop for changing decor!  At Christmas, I had a Chevron Reindeer Board on it (see here), and now I have a cute Winter banner hanging from it (I will be sharing this with you soon).

I love creating pallet boards and it’s so easy to do with my +Kreg Jig and my +RYOBI Power Tools!

I created a board that is approximately 42″w x 32.5″t, but you can customize it to fit your space.  You may need to modify your supply list if you want a different sized board.

Supplies Needed for a 42″w x 32.5″t Pallet Board:

First, you will cut all of your boards to size.  I cut all three of my boards to 42″w, but customize this for your space if needed.  This will give you (6) 3.5′ long wood boards.  I laid mine out, starting at the top with a 6″, 8″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 4″ board, but feel free to arrange yours differently.

After you have your boards in the order you like, you will want to drill pocket holes in all of your wood boards.  Remember that you are using 1″ wood (which is really only 3/4″ thick) so set your drill bit collar to the correct length before you start drilling.

You will want to drill at least 3 pocket holes in each board.  You do not have to drill pocket holes into the final board, but you can for extra stability.

DIY Pallet Board | how to make your own pallet board with a Kreg Jig | #diy #palletboard

Next, you will use a large clamp (or a second set of hands) to hold your boards together.  Using your drill with the Kreg bit, you will screw your boards, one into the next one.  Because you are screwing into 1″ (but really 3/4″) wood, you will use 1 1/4″ Kreg screws.

Be sure to get these screwed in nice and tight so that the board holds together well.  If you want extra secure boards, place screws going in both directions into both sides of each board.

DIY Pallet Board | how to make your own pallet board with a Kreg Jig | #diy #palletboard

After your board is assembled, you can distress it if you like.  We used a hammer and a chain and went to town pounding away at it!

How to distress Wood | #diy #palletboard

It relieves stress AND you get a cool looking board!

How to distress Wood | #diy #palletboard

When we picked boards at the hardware store, we picked the most distressed, imperfect boards we could find.  We wanted this to have character.

But if you have more distressed boards to begin with, possibly ones with cracks in them, and you are pounding at it with a hammer and a chain, you might have a crack that decides to break.  Oops.  It happens!

Fixing a Wood Crack | #diy #palletboard

Don’t worry though, that’s what wood glue is for!  Just apply wood glue and clamp until it sets.  It happens.

Fixing a Wood Crack | #diy #palletboard
After our board was assembled and our crack was fixed, we were ready to give the board a quick sanding.  Then we applied two coats of stain using a rag. 
Stain a DIY Pallet Board | #diy #palletboard

Finally, my husband made the trek back out to the hardware store for me (at 10pm at night) to get a proper hanging hook.  This board is super heavy!  So be sure to look for any picture hanging kit that will hold the weight of your board.  I think ours was rated up to 100 lbs just for good measure.

And if possible, try to hang your board on a stud.  If you can’t be sure to use a wall anchor.  Did I mention how heavy it is!?

Build Your Own Pallet Board | how to make your own pallet board with a Kreg Jig | #diy #palletboard

I love how my board looks!  And for as large as it was, it really did not cost a lot to make!

And for now it will be the backdrop for seasonal or changing decor in my home!  I love the idea of hanging a wreath on it!  But I also love my banner!

How to Make a Pallet Board | how to make your own pallet board with a Kreg Jig | #diy #palletboard
And of course I got to use some of my all-time favorite tools to create this board!
I can’t wait to show you the rest of my wall soon!  It is seriously my favorite!!  I just sit and stare at it sometimes…I love it so much.  (That’s totally normal…right!?) :)

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    love your pallet board but can&#39;t believe that you actually stained that in your kitchen. I&#39;m sloppy when it comes to painting and staining that I would totally have a mess with stain all over everything<br />

    • says

      Thank you so much Colleen!!! Hahahaha! We were very careful staining! The only reason we did it inside was because we had been outside all day and it was like 20 degrees so I literally couldn&#39;t feel my fingers and toes anymore!!! (Now of course the last week it was like -20 here…so I guess I am glad I did it while it was &quot;warm!?&quot; Hahaha, But we laid down a drop cloth and

  2. says

    Oh my gosh..I love this. I could totally use this idea to create a distressed wood board for my food photography!! Great tutorial. Pinning!!! thanks for sharing!

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