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  1. I like chalkboard uses and there were several. One complaint I have about reading this is all the pop up ads. I can't read easily as a pop up appears on anything I am reading. I have to x it out or something (some have an arrow to remove and some an x, but all annoying and takes time and is very distracting.). It is my first time to this site and not sure I want to return much. The site is great but those ads are most annoying especially when trying to relax and read.

  2. My favorite is the Youcopia Spice Stack.

  3. LOVE these ideas!

  4. i loved them all but i need the turntable for the fridge xx

  5. I love a lot of them, but at the moment my favorite would be the living room control box, I am in hospice care, so everything I own is remote control, so when hubby goes to the store, I can do things for my self.

  6. So many great ideas! I love the metal shelf to help my disaster of a linen closet.

  7. This is an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing. Hi, I'm Anita visiting from Freedom Fridays.

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