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  1. Where did you buy the metal supports for your paint sto rage shelves?

    • From a hardware store. I don't remember which one I actually bought them at...we have four local ones! But any hardware store should have this!

  2. Are the metal angle iron predrilled??

  3. What color is the Cabot stain? I can't find anything on internet for aged leather.

  4. I simply love it! I want to make one to store canned goods and such next to the refrigerator in my kitchen.

  5. Wonderful idea for the tight little spaces that would otherwise go unused! I've got a few spaces that could use something like this! Pinned 😀

  6. The uses for this beautiful cart are endless!! I am soo making this for my project room. it would be wonderful storage for endless jars of screws and nails and my tools and project supplies !!

  7. Made the shelf unit for laundry room and it looks great. Thank you????

  8. I love this project and want to make one (or more!) for myself. Do you happen to remember what size bolts you used for these? It doesn't look like you used washers, though. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Hi Amanda,

      We did not use bolts for this project, so we also did not use washers. We just used screws and brad nails in the nail gun.


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