PB Knock-Off Hanging Ghosts

I love Pottery Barn, but I don’t always love the price.  When I saw their Halloween line this year, I realized that I could easily make their Hanging Ghosts; at a fraction of the cost!

So I set about creating my own version of PB’s Hanging Ghosts.

You will need:

  • Styrofoam balls (8″, 6″, 4″)
  • Black craft paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Cheese cloth (I used about 2 yds per ghost, in 1 yard squares, for a total of 6 yds)
  • Eye screws (3)
  • E6000, wood or other similar glue

First, you will want to insert your eye screws into the top of each styrofoam ball using your glue.  Let this dry completely.  If your a little bit crazy like me, you will want to paint these white so that they blend in with the ghost.

Next, use your black craft paint to paint ghost eyes on each styrofoam ball.  Let dry completely.

Take (2) 1-yard squares and place them over top each styrofoam ball.

Using scissors, cut “rips” in the cheesecloth.

Take each shred in your hand and stretch is down.  This will create a tattered look in the cheesecloth.

What do you think?

Here are Pottery Barn’s Hanging Ghosts.  They retail for $59.00 for the set of three.

And here are my Hanging Ghosts.  They costs less then $15.00 for the set of three.

Pretty cute huh?  I love my new hanging ghosts!  And I am so happy to finally have some more cute outdoor Halloween decor!

Also be sure to check out my Floating Head Hanging Ghosts too:

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  1. Ann Flowers says

    I love this idea and will absolutely make a trio for my home. BTW, I really and seriously like your ghost trio better than the PB trio.

  2. Terry Boyle says

    I love this idea…so-oo clever. Thanks so much for sharing. Do you think these would tolerate weather? I would like to hang them from trees in the yard.

    • Ashley Phipps says

      I keep mine out all October long and they have held up well! The cloth gets more ragged with age but I think that makes them look even better :)

  3. Ruth says

    Thank you for showing us how to make these great ghosts, Ashley, Halloween is just starting to become noticed here in Australia, and more and more people are participating each year. It is a lot of fun, and these ghosts will be hanging on our front verandah this year.

  4. Susannah says

    Hello please let me know where you purchased the styrofoam 8-inch the cheapest I have found is 15.99!! Thanks! Love your site can’t wait to try a few of everything!

  5. says

    these are a little creepy, but super cute too ;o) sharing it today in the Create Link Inspire features crafts addition over at Nap-Time Creations… pinned, tweeted and shared on FB… I’d love a retweet or fb share to help spread the word! Happy weekend.

  6. says

    These are seriously the cutest thing! This is the first year my hubby and I live in a house instead of an apartment… so we finally have the space for outdoor decorations! Other than your traditional pumpkin and maybe a bale of hay I wasn’t sure what to do… these will be perfect! Great job!

  7. Sandy says

    I seriously had to scroll up, scroll down like 3 times to see which of the first 2 pics were actually PB. Yours look way cooler than theirs! For reals. On my project list. Thank you!!

  8. says

    i usually never comment on posts but this one is awesome!! And yes, yours are way better than the Pottery Barn ones. Thanks for the idea!!!!

  9. Julie says

    I love these ghosts! They will look so great hanging on my porch! Thank you for sharing. One question: how do you adhere the cheesecloth to the styrofoam ball? Just simple glue? Or something else? Thanks!

    • Ashley Phipps says

      That’s a great question Julie! I actually did not attach the cheesecloth to the balls. It is held on by the hook I placed at the top of the ghost for hanging purposes. That I glued through the cheesecloth and into the styrofoam with E6000 glue and that is enough to hold them in place!

  10. says

    Thank you, so much, for sharing this tutorial! These look WAY better than Pottery Barn’s! If I had to buy, I would definitely choose yours over theirs!

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