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DIY Holiday Gift Guide + $685 DIY Holiday Giveaway

Today is a very exciting day!  It is the day we have all been waiting for…the day I have been teasing about on Facebook…today is the day when I reveal THE BEST DIY Holiday Gift Guide + Giveaway!  woot woot!!

$685 Holiday Giveaway for the DIY-er | #giveaway #diy #christmas #holiday

We love to DIY in our house and I have joined forced with a few of my favorite companies to bring you the best Holiday Gift Guide for a DIY-er plus an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!  It is amazing and fabulous and definitely not to be missed!

$685 Holiday Giveaway for the DIY-er | #giveaway #diy #christmas #holiday

I absolutely love all of these companies!  I have used all of their products and I think they are great!  Their products are among my favorites and I am thrilled to be sharing them with you today!

So if you know a DIY-er (or are a DIY-er) here is a list of some of my absolute favorite must-have DIY tools!  These are the perfect holiday gifts for any DIY-er and for almost any price range!

Here is my DIY Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er | #giftguide #diy #christmas #holiday

Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er

All links are clickable so you can get your holiday shopping done easily!

Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er | under $50 | #giftguide #diy #christmas #holiday

< $50

Flannel Shirt Jac, Duluth Trading (mens and womens), $64

Holiday Gift Guide for the DIY-er | $100 - $150| #giftguide #diy #christmas #holiday

$100 – $150

Ryobi One+ AirStrike, $129
Ryobi One+ Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit, $149
Lifetime Leather Tote, Duluth Trading, $149
Kreg Jig K4 Master System, $149

DIY Holiday Giveaway

And now you have the chance to WIN an AMAZING prize package filled with some of my favorite DIY tools!  If you win, here is what you will receive:

$685 Holiday Giveaway for the DIY-er | #giveaway #diy #christmas #holiday

Ryobi Tools

It’s no secret that we love to DIY and I do not mind bringing out the power tools and using them myself.  (check out this post here)  In fact, I honestly love power tools!  The sewing machine scares me to death, but hand me a saw or a nail gun and I am one happy girl!  Ryobi tools are among the best tools available and they are also quite affordable.  And I particularly love their One+ line of tools (the bright green ones) that use interchangeable batteries which allow you to keep working for hours at a time!

Ryobi tools are perfect for the casual (or serial) DIY-er and every single Ryobi tool that I have I am deeply in love with!

If you win today’s giveaway, here is what you will win:

  • Ryobi One+ Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (18 volt, Lithium Ion), $149
  • Ryobi One+ AirStrike Brad Nailer (18 guage, cordless, 2″), $129
  • Ryobi One+ JobPlus Base with Multi-Tool Attachment (tool only), $69

A couple of days ago on a blog post here, I shared with you my new love of Duluth clothing!  They are the perfect clothes for any DIY-er.  Their clothing and accessories are built well and built to last.  Plus we look really cute while DIY-ing now, which is definitely important!  Having clothes that fit comfortably and well is important while DIY-ing and I love the extra room and extra length that their clothing offers!

I also love their Lifetime Leather Tote bag!  It is beautiful and will only get more beautiful with age and use.  It is very nice quality and is perfect to take to the office or to the barn!  It would also make the perfect gift!

If you have a DIY-er in your life, Duluth clothing and accessories would be a perfect gift for them!  In my blog post here I showed you a few of our favorite items, but if you can’t decide, you can always give a gift card!

If you win today’s giveaway, here is what you will win:

  • (1) Gift Card valued at $100

Kreg Tools

Once upon a time, I desperately wanted a Kreg Jig.  So I came up with a project I really wanted to do, and then convinced my husband that I needed this tool to complete the project!  Over a year later, this is honestly still one of my absolute favorite tools!  (And the Kreg Rip Cut comes in high on my list too!)

The Kreg Jig is perfect for creating pocket holes in order to discreetly secure one piece of wood to another.  Whether you are building furniture, assembling a pallet board or simply trying to fix a wobbly chair, a Kreg Jig is an absolute must-have tool for any DIY-er.

If you win today’s giveaway, here is what you will win:
  • Kreg Jig K4 Master System, $149


I first used HomeRight products to clean and stain my deck here and have loved them ever since!  The StainStick might be the world’s best invention…it is awesome!  And I also really love how reasonably priced their products are!  They are truly affordable for the home DIY-er which means they also make GREAT gifts!

I have recently been wanting to get my hands on a Paint Sprayer and theirs is fabulous!  (I will be sharing more on it later.)

If you win today’s giveaway, here is what you will win:

  • Finish Max Paint Sprayer, $89

Now it’s time to Enter to WIN!

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Finding Out… {part 1}

I interrupt my normal slew of DIY and Crafts to bring you a little bit into my life today.  I have pondered for months whether or not to share this information publicly on my blog, but due to recent events in our lives I have come to feel very strongly that I wanted to write about this and I wanted to share it with you.

I love all comments I receive but please know that this is a topic currently very tender to me, these are my very personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs and this is very difficult to share with my closest friends and family, it is extraordinarily difficult to put this on my blog.  So please, please be respectful in your commenting.

The last 11 months have been a whirlwind of ups and downs, of joy and tears and after much contemplation, I finally feel it is time to share a bit of our story with you.  I share this as my experience, and I know many have gone through much worse.  But this is my life, real and raw over the last 11 months.

It was about 11 months ago when we knew it was time to try for baby number three.  We have two amazing, beautiful children, but we knew we were missing a precious baby in our family and we knew it was time to start trying again.

Our first child was a cinch to conceive, I am not even totally sure how we got pregnant when we did, but she came instantly.  The pregnancy had its ups and downs.  I was quite sick during the first trimester, suffered from many severe migraines during the second trimester and was put on bed rest for pre-term labor my third trimester.  But at 39 weeks, after about 8 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing, we had a beautiful healthy baby girl and we couldn’t have been more happy!

Finding Out (part 1) - we share our journey to grow our family including all our ups and downs, trials and heartaches and miscarriage.  #miscarriage #children #family

Two years later when we decided to try for a second one, we were hit with a bit more challenging time.  It took us almost a year to conceive our son.  That proved to be difficult at times, many emotional ups and downs.  I know so many others have an even harder time conceiving, and I don’t mean to try to compare, but it was a little trial in that period of our life for us.  There were many tears shed when every month for nearly a year, I had a negative pregnancy test.

Finally, though, we found out that were expecting!  We were thrilled!  But this pregnancy proved more difficult, I had sickness (and this time lots of sprinting to the bathroom) until 22 weeks.  Migraines.  And then at 27 week, I started bleeding and contracting.  I spent from 27 weeks on in and out of the hospital and on 24/7 medication to keep the contractions, and hopefully the bleeding, at bay.

It was determined that I had marginal placenta previa, which was the cause of the bleeding so it was a “me” problem, not a problem with the baby!  Whew.  I was so grateful for a healthy stable baby.  But my dr was so concerned about me bleeding out and excess bleeding during labor that I was on really really strict bed rest.

It was very stressful and I wasn’t able to take care of my 3 year old daughter due to the strictness of the bed rest.  I was so grateful to have amazing parents who came out and stayed with us to help take care of my little family during this time!  We also had some amazing friends who helped out during this time.  I will never be able to express to friends or family how much their support and help meant to us during this time.  We were so lucky!

Thankfully, we were blessed and our dear son arrived at 38 weeks, after only an 1.5 hours of labor (ouch!) and two pushes.  Gratefully, he was as healthy as could be!

Finding Out (part 1) - we share our journey to grow our family including all our ups and downs, trials and heartaches and miscarriage.  #miscarriage #children #family

So when we decided that it was time for number 3, we didn’t know what to expect.  We would have been happy to get pregnant right away, but we prepared ourselves with the fact that it would probably take a long time.

January 18, 2013, after four months of trying, I decided, partially on a whim, to take a pregnancy test.  I was sure it would be negative but to my surprise, and joy, it was positive!!

We were thrilled…and overjoyed…and a bit nervous about how baby #3 would change the dynamic of our family, but mostly we were excited!

And then, one week later, I started to bleed.

I knew, I just knew I was going to lose that baby.  I had so much going on that day that I literally had to drag myself in the shower and to leave the house to go speak at a MOPS group.  And then do several other things I couldn’t get out of.  I anxiously called the dr who sent me to do blood work, which I managed to fit into the crazy day.  And then I went out that night to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  All while knowing I was most likely losing my baby.

The next day my dr called with the news.  

The news you never want to hear.  My hormone levels were all way too low.  Laughably low.  My progesterone was lower then most non-pregnant women, and my hcg level was about what it should be the instant you conceive.  There was no doubt that I was miscarrying.

I had never had a miscarriage before.  And I had no idea how much it would hurt.  Not physically, physically it wasn’t very painful at all (I wasn’t very far along).  But emotionally, it was so hard.  No one knew we were pregnant, no one new we were trying, and no one knew we had lost a baby.  I could barely tell my husband the news.  We were both devastated.

He suggested I tell a friend.  I didn’t want to.  All I could think about was how awkward that would be, “Hi, so I was calling to tell you that I am miscarrying, and oh ya, btw, I was pregnant.  Oh, and I know we didn’t tell you, but we actually have wanted baby number 3 for a while…so uhm, yeah.”  Awkward.  And in my tearful stage, there was no way I was making that phone call.

So my dear sweet amazing husband called a friend of mine and told her for me.  She was over within an hour with flowers, a big hug and took my son to play at her house.  Her kind sweet actions made all the difference in the world.  And having a friend to talk to, a friend who had been through it, proved to be more of a comfort to me then I would ever know during the following days and weeks.  And we can never express to my friends and family who helped us through this time, how grateful we are for them!

We were also so blessed to have faith, hope and religion in our life.  Having hope can get you through so many difficult times.  And having a relationship with our Heavenly Father and our Savior allowed us to feel a sense of peace, strength and comfort during this hard trial in our life.  

We knew it would be a hard road to grieve from our loss, but each day became easier, and days turned into weeks.  And eventually we were doing ok.  We still had our ups and downs, but overall, after some time, it got easier.

Having a miscarriage changes you forever, you never forget your loss.  
But it gets easier with time. 

For me personally, serving others and finding ways to help others helps me get outside myself and helps me heal.  Serving others has proved to help me heal from difficult times often in my life and I knew that I needed to serve others in order to help myself heal  So I looked for ways to reach out to others and help whenever needed and that helped us both heal.

At a certain point, we moved past the heartbreak, but the reality of trying again meant the possibility of losing again, and that was a reality hard to consider.  

So it took us a couple months to decide to try again.

And when we did…we simply were not prepared for what would come next…

{to be continued}